[Post Game Thread] The Boston Celtics (11-8) defeat the Golden State Warriors (11-10), 111 – 107




[–]Warriors untouchable765 82 指標 4小時前

The Boston Celtics defeat Stephen Curry 111-107


[–]Celtics leranvy 354 指標 4小時前

It’s a miracle Steph didn’t take 50 shots


[–]Mavericks hezzyskeets123 176 指標 4小時前

that would’ve been best for the team


[–]New Jersey Nets Ajstone2003 114 指標 4小時前

Curry was in his bag tonight, rest of the team couldn’t pick up the slack.


[–]Warriors RedWrix 3 指標 4小時前

I don't understand these games. Why did Kerr do everything in his power to make sure Curry does not take the game over? I get it, resting him is important, but there was like an entire quarter where he just didn't get to shoot.


[–]Warriors schudermcgavin 4 指標 3小時前

Because the Celtics made adjustments and were triple teaming him at times?


[–]Warriors Alestasis 133 指標 4小時前

Steph was so hot so Kerr cooled him down himself lmao


[–]Raptors imsahoamtiskaw 66 指標 4小時前

I swear it seems like Kerr does this in purpose sometimes


[–]Warriors Alestasis 69 指標 4小時前

Yeah, I don't get it. Steph was really hot in the 1st Q. So he let him watch the team lose the lead.


[–]Celticssahsan10 16 指標 4小時前

i think that was whatver but why tf he didn't play for half the Q4


[–][GSW] Stephen Curry hitopklayde 52 指標 4小時前

thats his rotation. play the whole 1st and 3rd and get in at 6 minute mark in 2nd and 4th


[–]Uniquely Conventional 13 指標 4小時前

Ik Kerr is the coach and he's gonna know what's best for the team 99% of the time but you can't keep force feeding Wiggins and other role players when they just not feeling it especially when you got a hot Steph that could've been eyeing a 50 ball based off the shooting in the 1st. Those who watched the game saw how the game opened up for everyone else when Curry was rolling


[–]Warriors NeighborhoodNeckBear 14 指標 3小時前

Steph doesn't usually get upset but he legit looked mad when Draymond passed it out to Wiggins for 3 in the last couple mins. He's 1/7 for the night! Just let Steph touch the ball!!


[–]Klay sToaster 88 指標 4小時前

im here to defend Wiggins. After the first two games this is probably his worst shooting night this season. Hes been great


[–]Warriors mitchippoo 38 指標 4小時前

He has been awesome for us. An off night for him is excusable.


[–]San Francisco Warriors Azee2k 6 指標 4小時前

Yeah, especially since when he was guarding Tatum and brown they got locked up. I don't mind him having off shooting nights as long as his defense remains all defensive team level.



[–][GSW] Stephen Curry voldemortscore 268 指標 4小時前

Oubre -25 in a 4 pt game

Wiggins and Draymond combining for 7/23 from the field



[–]WarriorsShadowClawz 12 指標 4小時前

Trade Oubre


[–]Magic madelins 16 指標 4小時前

It shouldn’t be possible for Oubre to be this bad next to Steph Curry like I don’t know how he does it


[–]ncoops 205[ ] 13 指標 4小時前

Oubre played above average compared to the rest of his season but he still singlehandedly lost the Warriors the game.


[–]stevenruva47 31 指標 4小時前

Oubre is so bad man. Horrible IQ. He’d rather go for a highlight dunk in a close game over securing a bucket


[–]Banks cams 16 指標 4小時前

Dude needs to take a trip to Phoenix & find his game that he left behind


[–]76ers adrian_rainy_day 9 指標 4小時前

Guess the money Oubre will get next season. I'd be surprise if he could get anything more than 15m per season lol


[–]ncoops205[ ] 22 指標 4小時前*

Who in the world is paying him 15M? Jae Crowder signed for 30M/3 years and he’s a much better player. Although there’s a lot of stupid teams like Detroit that would rather give Plumblee 30M and let Christian Wood walk.


[–]Warriors AllModsAreBasturds 3 指標 2小時前

Oubre needs to learn that passing is an option and in most cases actually a better play. Trying to yam it on everyone and driving into peoples chests before throwing up garbage is not gonna cut it. His defense hasn’t been good either, just a boneheaded player.


[–]San Francisco Warriors obi_wan_ginobli 114 指標 4小時前

It was really telling that Kerr chose to have bazemore and JTA in instead of oubre down the stretch


[–]Celtics Brad-Stevens 97 指標 4小時前

JTA deserves a full time contract … guy hustles his ass off and hit some threes tonight


[–]WarriorsChad2Badd 56 指標 4小時前

Obviously having 0 Big's tonight hurt, but man I wish they could get Steph some help


[–]Celtics Jowem 22 指標 4小時前

they will. next season.


[–]Warriors Chad2Badd 13 指標 4小時前

Having Klay baxk will help (if he's close to 70%), but they still need help offensively


[–]Celtics Greaves- 24 指標 4小時前

Nah. Steph, Klay, Wiggins, Dray and Wiseman/Looney is gonna be an insane starting 5


[–]Serbia AfraidOfBricks 7 指標 3小時前

is it?

Wiseman will probably still be very green, Wiggins is looking decent right now but its still to be determined whether he can keep it up. Steph, Draymond and Klay are not getting any younger with the latter coming off two large injuries.



[–]Warriors schudermcgavin 12 指標 3小時前

Apparently we need to get Bradley Beal and Jerami Grant to have a chance. /s

Lol  if we have Klay back and the potential Twolves pick plus a developed Wiseman, that's a contender to me. That's all you can ask for



[–]Warriors GoldenStateWizards 13 指標 3小時前

On top of that, we missed out on a lot of vets like Ibaka, Baynes, Crowder, etc. because of Klay's injury. With him back, along with our new draft picks, we'll actually be able to attracts vets of that caliber



[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 172 指標 4小時前

Dray with 2 points on 14/0/0 shooting splits, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, 5 turnovers and 5 fouls in 36 minutes.

What the fuck is that statline


[–]76ers Sherane12 34 指標 4小時前

It’s the Draymond special


[–]LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO101 33 指標 4小時前*

Draymond in his diminished form is an anchor for this offense right now. It’s way too easy to trap tf out of Steph because of how teams have no fear of Draymond in that pass off the double


[–]Warriors imnotyourbloke 31 指標 4小時前

He can't shoot for shit and makes like 3 lazy TOs a game but the games he has missed the offense has looked even worse. Almost unwatchable. He's directing traffic out there.


[–]WarriorsCurryStan3799 31 指標 4小時前

We got absolutely destroyed on the boards tonight, and that resulted in so many extra possessions. Steph sauced as usual, just can't do much when we're so bad on the boards.


[–]Warriors manliestdino 19 指標 4小時前

was not a fan of the execution down the stretch but yeah, the lack of bigs really really hurt


[–]Warriors JohnAppleMacintosh 172 指標 4小時前

GG Celtics. Warriors had no bigs. I swear Curry was the top rebounder tonight for us.


[–]mczammer 73 指標 4小時前

Yup tied with Draymond. How do you compete with the Celtics’ big men when your 6’3” PG is your top rebounder?


[–]Phred_Phrederic 79 指標 4小時前

TBF, Curry is a damn good rebounder for a skinny motherfucker.


[–]kingofneverland 40 指標 4小時前

Because he is smart about his positioning. As in everything.


[–]Warriors GoldenStateWizards 16 指標 3小時前

Don't forget his screening, finishing, mid-range shooting, team defense; he's great at pretty much everything, but it's all overshadowed by his 3-point shooting


[–][CHI] Cameron Payne Sim888 125 指標 4小時前

[–]Warriorso0DrWurm0o 9 指標 4小時前

Good thing they built Chase Center right next to a medical campus


[–]Warriors LaUGhZ0 40 指標 4小時前

We don’t actually have a center This how rockets fan felt last year Pain


[–]Rockets venitienne 9 指標 4小時前

Yeah I'm glad we're past those days.


[–]Warriors AllModsAreBasturds 3 指標 2小時前

Except the rockets did it by design so those 3 roster slots were actually used. Our 3 centers are just out.



[–]Celtics Greaves- 66 指標 4小時前

Theis had an insane game. Curry's a privilege to watch


[–][BOS] Marcus Smart airmagswag 8 指標 4小時前

Jeff Teague is so offensively bad at this sport I want Danny Ainge to drive to my house and personally apologize for making me root for this dude


[–]Warriors manliestdino 4 指標 4小時前

Teague was so ass, he'd dribble around for like 10 seconds, miss an open man, dribble some more, then shoot a shitty looking three or floater.

And he's not even that good on defense



[–]Phred_Phrederic 2 指標 4小時前

Y'know how you tell somebody is good? When even when their shots ain't falling, they're still doing shit on offense and everything else.

Tatum and Brown are a goddamn problem for the league, and I hope that Ainge surrounds them with enough pieces to make this shit work.









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